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The Mercedes Urban e-Truck has been launched at the bi-annual IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany.e-truck_germany-2

This fully-electric hauler is not the first ET, but is capable of a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of up to 26t. The rig’s capable of doing 200kms, designed as a short-range local commuter truck ideal for last-leg, urban distribution, comparably greener than diesel trucks.

Even with a 100kWh recharge system, the truck’s batteries can be juiced up in two to three hours, and has regenerative braking. The e-Truck puts out 250kW (2 X 125kW motors, one per rear wheel) and has a combined torque output of 500Nm per motor and is capable of 11000Nm through a combination of torque and gearing.

We-truck_germanyith tricks like low emissions and noise, dynamic advantages like instant torque and a cabin that uses waste drivetrain-cooling energy to heat and an electric-powered compressor to cool, this very clever ET would certainly phone home too.