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Australia’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network is posed to get larger as a New Zealand-based company sets its eyes on expanding its charging network across the country.

Smart EV charger maker Evnex has recently announced that it will focus on Australian homes with EVs and solar power systems.

Founder Ed Harvey says the Australian market differs from New Zealand in that nearly a third of Australian households have solar, which he explains makes smart charging even more attractive.

“Evnex can help people take advantage of solar, harnessing locally generated power to charge their EVs cost effectively while also prioritising the environment,” says Mr. Harvey.

“Instead of returning excess energy generated back to the grid, people can choose to divert it to charge their EV from 100% renewable energy,” he adds.

“New research by the Electric Vehicle Council has revealed Australia is tracking towards the milestone of 100,000 electric vehicles, with over 83,000 already on the road, compared with just 44,000 at the beginning of 2022.

“The council also reported in their latest survey of Tesla owners that around half said they used home solar to charge their car, so there is a significant market to be explored.”

Mr. Harvey further explains that smart charging plays a crucial role in eliminating the risk for increasing demand on non-renewable energy sources as EV adoption grows.

“The vehicles may not generate emissions, but without smart charging awareness the power used to charge those vehicle may be doing so.

“The Electric Vehicle Council says a near-fully zero-emission fleet will be needed by 2050 to meet national emissions targets, but considering how those vehicles are charged, and what this will do to Australia’s grid infrastructure is vital.”

Currently, Evnex has residential chargers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.