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By February 22, 2017December 8th, 2017

Israeli autonomous driving technology developer Mobileye has its product installed into 4500 of New York’s Uber and Lyft ridesharing vehicles.

Having recently partnered with Volkswagen, BMW, Delphi and Intel in the development of autonomous vehicle products, the firm has proceeded with mass transport insurer Atlas Financial Holdings to equip Big Apple rideshare vehicles with advanced collision avoidance systems in the pursuit of accident prevention.

Mobileye business development director said it’s the right course f action in the transportation sector.

“As the popularity of ridesharing continues to grow in cities across the country, it is imperative that these vehciles take advantage of new technologies designed to enhance the safety of drivers and passengers,” he said.

“Mobileye’s system will provide vehicle owners and drivers peace of mind knowing that the most advanced technologies are in place to provide an extra layer of protection”.

This new rideshare project will be integrated with Pointer Telocation Systems, a lead operator and developer of fleet and mobile resource management solutions, giving vehicle and fleet managers the ability to review driver/operator behaviours on the job.

The new venture comes on the back of Mobileye’s aftermarket division also securing a partnership with the US Department of Transport as part of the Smart City Challenge where $40 million in grants was awarded in a competition to support advanced transport projects. Mobileye won the project to outfit NYC’s bus system with its ‘Shield+’ technology – a retro-fit system using sensors engineered specifically for avoiding pedestrian collisions in the public transit system.