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Mercurien Insurance Pty Ltd today announced that it will offer telematics-enabled, motor fleet insurance to the Australian market, with the offering to be backed by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (Zurich).

The insurance offering is set to build on its proprietary BetterDriver™ telematics technology, and use the insights that BetterDriver™ delivers around fleet safety, risk and taxation outcomes to help insurance brokers deliver value to their clients.

Mercurien CEO and Co-Founder Michael Graham said the technology had been specifically developed for Australian conditions, and that it would assist organisations and drivers in managing risk.

“BetterDriver™ measures the quality of driving across multiple parameters including braking, cornering, acceleration, speeding, length and time of journey and specific geolocations,” he said.

“The outcome we seek is fewer injuries, fewer crashes, lower costs, less downtime, reduced fuel usage, and enhanced asset utilisation.”

Mercurien has been providing telematics solutions through its proprietary BetterDriverTM telematics technology for some time but today’s announcement means that they’ve partnered with Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (Zurich) to provide telematics-enabled motor vehicle comprehensive insurance specifically for a fleet.

QBE’s Insurance Box might have been the first to launch motor vehicle comprehensive insurance coupled with telematics but it’s currently not available to new customers and lacked other telematic functionality and solutions.

“Australian fleet operators are constantly on the lookout for better ways to manage their fleets and with our simple, cloud-based solution they can assess their operations, from driver behaviour to tax credits, in near real-time,” Andrew Murrie, COO and Co-Founder of Mercurien said.

“This enables them to assess and manage risks as they emerge which results in a lower cost, lower risk fleet.”

Mercurien have a range of offerings including an ATO approved Fringe Benefits Tax Logbook and an ability to assess Fuel Tax Credit rebates. According to Michael Graham the future of motor insurance is data driven from sensors in smart devices, smartphones and embedded in vehicles themselves so it makes sense for fleets to monitor this information accordingly.

“The ability to measure and manage data for risk and safety will become paramount,” he said.

“The Workplace Safety and Duty of Care regimes are tightening everywhere and we think that there is a great opportunity for insurers to work with data to create the future of

Perhaps it’s time to review your fleets incident rate and access how a telematics-enabled motor vehicle comprehensive insurance policy can assist with fewer injuries and crashes, lower costs, less downtime and reduced fuel usage whilst meeting your FBT logbook obligations.

Zurich Mercurien Motor Fleet Insurance will be available from Friday 22 June 2018.

Please use this link to review Mercurien’s press release in more detail. For further information call or email Mercurien CEO and Co-Founder Michael Graham on 0414 507 450 or [email protected]