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WorkSafe Queensland released an incident alert reminding those in the transport industry of the considerations and precautions those working with vehicles should be acknowledging.

The incident involved a station hand getting trapped between the vehicle he had been driving and an access gate he was attempting to open, tragically resulting in his death.

An incident such as this will affect an organisation at many levels with the Chain of responsibility and duty of care being such important elements of today’s work health and safety standards.

Managing the risk to drivers to increase their level of safety starts with a commitment to health and safety from those who manage the business. If an incident occurs, managers will need to show the regulator an effective risk management process has been implemented.

When approaching risk management, WorkSafe Queensland encourages a four-step process which involves the identification of hazards, assessment of risks, finding ways to control those risks, and then reviewing those controls.

Risk management is an ongoing process. Reviewing risks on a regular basis, or whenever there are changes in the way the business works. Triggers for risk management are:

  • starting or buying a business
  • changing work practices, procedures or the work environment
  • buying new or used equipment
  • using new substances
  • planning to improve productivity or reduce costs
  • responding to new information about workplace risks
  • responding to workplace incidents (even if they have caused no injury)
  • dealing with concerns raised by workers, health and safety representatives or others at the workplace
  • as required by the Work Health and Safety Regulation for specific hazards.

Workplace safety and risk management is not an area to ignore or take lightly. Everyone deserves to make it home at the end of the day.

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