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The Pahang State government in Malaysia has recently approved its Electric Vehicle Charging Station Planning Guideline (GPPEVCB) to bolster the infrastructure requirements supporting EVs and to align with national energy transition goals.

Pahang State Chief Minister Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail said that the guidelines provide a comprehensive framework for the safe and efficient development of EV charging stations across the state.

“With the adoption of these guidelines, local authorities can refer to procedures for building EV stations in all districts in Pahang, thereby encouraging the industrial sector and electric vehicle charging station infrastructure to reach a target of 350 EV [charging bays] in Pahang by 2025,” Mr. Wan Rosdy said.

Furthermore, this initiative aligns with the goals outlined in the National Energy Transition Roadmap 2023, which aims for a 38 percent adoption rate of EVs by 2040 and 80 percent by 2050.

As of December 2023, there are 55 operational charging stations across Pahang. These are shopping centres, parking lots, hotels, and resorts, serving the growing population of EV owners and contributing to the state’s tourism sector.

“With the addition of EV charging stations, it will continue to attract tourists and EV owners to visit Pahang,” said Mr. Wan Rosdy.

Mr. Wan Rosdy reiterated the government’s commitment to these targets and emphasised the importance of sustainable transportation solutions in achieving them.

“The implementation of the Low Carbon Mobility Blueprint (2021-2030) further underscores Pahang’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions and transitioning towards cleaner energy sources,” he said

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