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Last mile delivery expert ANC, in partnership with rental, leasing, and fleet management company ORIX Australia Corporation Limited, has introduced the ‘BESTe’ EV truck as part of its fleet.

Announced on September 9, 2022 on World EV Day, BESTe  is a SEA  battery electric vehicle (BEV) pantech truck that boasts an impressive 240km range. It’s also fast-charge ready, thanks to its three-phase charging socket, making it more convenient, and removing the barrier to expensive charging equipment.

“World EV Day is the perfect time to introduce BESTe,” said Mo Abbas, ANC Group Executive, Marketing & Strategy.

“We’re already on the road to zero-carbon last mile thanks to some very strong partnerships – and we’re thrilled that ORIX has such an impressive solution to help us overcome these last-mile barriers.”

Meanwhile, ORIX Rental and Mobility General Manager, Grant Harrison said “We’re excited to support ANC by providing sustainable, integrated fleet solutions for their transport needs”.

“We recognise our role is to use our expertise to assist clients in identifying solutions that reduce their environmental impact and embed more sustainable practices without compromising their business operations. BESTe is the ideal solution for ANC as it works towards offering a zero-carbon last mile,” Mr. Harrison added.

BESTe will first deliver for Williams-Sonoma, Inc., the world’s largest digital-first, design-led and sustainable home retailer. It will also help support the sustainability goals of other ANC clients, with the company making the EV truck available on a month-to-month basis to any of its clients keen to act on their goals.

“Customers are thinking more and more about their contribution to a more sustainable future and we’re happy to assist in this way,” said Mr. Abbas.

BESTe will also reinforce ANC’s commitment to breaking down barriers to EV adoption in the last mile section including data to informal a conversion strategy, charging infrastructure, cost or capital, and access to stock.

ANC is an early adopter of sustainable practices, with green vehicles in its fleet already sequestering more than 110 tonnes of carbon emissions.

“We have committed to growing this fleet both in size and type as we seek to reimagine the last mile,” Abbas explains.

“At ANC we believe this is part of our obligation to enable a more sustainable delivery option. World EV day is a global movement where companies aim to drive change, together. As we’re in the business of delivering, taking action to decarbonise our fleet is very important. This goal benefits everyone, and it’s important to partner with companies such as ORIX to create a greener and more sustainable world for future generations.”

ORIX, on the other hand, provides organisations with either Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) and hybrid options for assessment for either lease or rental.

“This is an excellent way for organisations to find out if electric vehicles are suitable for their business, before they make any significant commitments,” Harrison says.

“ORIX is committed to integrating sustainability into all areas of the decision-making and solutions it offers to clients and our rental option is a popular and effective one,” he says.

“All our relationships, including our one with ANC, is based on an alignment of values, and on a mutual understanding of the need to act to reduce our respective footprints.”

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