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Deutsche Post DHL Group which purchased start-up electric car making business StreetScooter in 2014, is planning to roll out production of 2000 dedicated electric vehicles for its postal fleet in Germany.

The international postal business initially made 500 purpose-built electric vans, put into service in 2013, and the partnership plans to increase production beyond this year. It also denotes taking 22,500 ‘efficiency measures’ to 13,500 vehicles in 2015. Those measures include increasing aerodynamic properties, telematics adoption and ‘eco chip’ tuning. Currently, DHL runs over 900 electric vehicles in its fleet.

A StreetScooter has a range of 120km thanks to a 30kWh battery pack developing 40kW and is capable of 85km/h. Not exactly ground-breaking, but it suits the needs of DHL.

The StreetScooter initiative comes as one part of the 2015 DHL Coporate Responsibility Report and serves as a reminder to all large scale delivery and courier services that sooner or later, changes will need to be made to business’ policies, operations and subsequent carbon footprint.