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MG Motor Australia will be offering 3000 electric vehicle wall box chargers to selected hotels and resorts in metropolitan areas around Australia and New Zealand at a heavily discounted price.

According to MG, a limited number of successful applicants in the hospitality and leisure sector will pay only a small $330 administration fee as part of the Hotel ChargeHub Partner Program extension. Normally priced at $1990, this represents an 83 percent discount for successful applicants.

“In Australia, purchase price is the biggest barrier to adoption of electric vehicles, closely followed by concern at the lack of public charging infrastructure,” said MG Australia CEO, Peter Ciao.

“The extension of our Hotel ChargeHub Partner Program demonstrates our commitment to supporting Australian communities, by providing businesses and consumers alike with the necessary infrastructure to support the transition to electric.”

MG Chargehub chargers are available in 7kW single-phase format, and an 11kW three-phase format. Both can be used by all EVs that use a Type 2 plug. These are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant, which means they can be used with third party software to enable charging facilities if the venue wishes.

Interested applicants may sign up for the program by filling out this form.

In May 2021, MG offered 3000 wall boxes in four-star resorts and hotels in rural Australia.

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