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Cars and vans that do not meet Euro 6 diesel emissions standards from April 8, 2019 will pay £12.50 daily to enter central London.

Heavy vehicles, buses and coaches not Euro 6 compliant will pay £100 daily to enter, known as the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is also proposing extending the ULEZ boundary across Greater London for heavy diesels by 2020, and again to further include cars and vans out to the North and South Circular roads by 2021.


A £10 Toxicity Charge has already been implemented by the Khan office, beginning in October, which applies to vehicles (petrol or diesel) registered before 2006 and adds to the Monday to Friday 7am-6pm Congestion Charge.

Mayor Sadiq said at the T-Charge launch, “It’s staggering that we live in a city where the air is so toxic that many of our schildren are growing up with lung problems.”

“Londoners overwhelmingly supported my plans to introduce this £10 charge… I will continue to do everything in my power to help protect the health of Londoners and clean our filthy air,” he added.

Petrol vehicles not compliant to Euro 4 standards and diesels not up to Euro 6 will be slugged the £12.50 fee daily, 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year, meaning vehicles up to 13 years old by 2019 won’t meet the standards.

On top of the congestion charge, non-compliant Euro4/6 motorists will be charged £24 every day.

ULEZ will apply to all vehicles except London’s iconic black cabs. It’s estimated ULEZ’s introduction will result in almost half of road NOx emissions being reduced in 2020.

Khan has also called on government to produce a national vehicle scrappage fund, reform fiscal incentives such as vehicle excise duty and pass a new Clean Air Act.