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Scoring an impressive five-star safety rating, the battery electric Lexus RZ has become the first vehicle model to undergo independent safety testing according to the expanded 2023-2025 criteria set by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

According to ANCAP, the EV received scores of 87 per cent for Adult Occupant Protection, 89 per cent for Child Occupant Protection, 84 per cent for Vulnerable Road User Protection, and 84 per cent for Safety Assist technology.

One of the standout features that contributed to the Lexus RZ’s exceptional safety performance is its cyclist anti-dooring capabilities. This technology not only warns occupants when an approaching cyclist is detected but also prevents doors from opening if there is a risk of collision with a cyclist. The results from these tests further underline its commitment to road safety.

Additionally, the Lexus RZ successfully met the submergence requirements for door and window opening, ensuring that the vehicle maintains its structural integrity in adverse conditions.

In lane support and autonomous emergency braking scenarios, the Lexus RZ displayed exemplary performance. This includes scenarios involving stationary and braking motorcycles, as well as intersection turning scenarios with oncoming motorcycles. These results reflect the vehicle’s ability to mitigate accidents and enhance overall road safety.

The full safety report for the Lexus RZ can be found here.

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