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It’s finally arrived. The 2021 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition is here and we can’t wait for you to join us in-person at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre next Thursday 20th and Friday 21st May.

We’ve got an incredible lineup of speakers, presentations and information for you to soak your teeth into in 2021. Here’s a full breakdown of the incredible sessions you’ll be treated to over 2 massive days.


Preparing Today for the Fleet of the Future

When it comes to thinking about what the fleet of the future will look like it’s all about considering the 3 key “S” words – is it Safe, is it Simple and is it Smart? In this engaging presentation Dr Steve Nuttall will outline the technologies, skills and capabilities that are shaping the future of the fleet industry as well as the experiences that fleet customers will ultimately expect from their service providers.

Vehicle Emissions – What are the Policy Makers Doing to Help?

Australia is failing to cut vehicle emissions! Modelling produced by climate scientist Bill Hare for the Australian Conservation Foundation shows emissions from transport are climbing fast and are projected to be 82% higher in 2030 than they were in 1990. Despite this, the Government had not made a decision on “how or when” standards to cut carbon pollution from vehicles might be implemented. This session will review Government’s policy decisions on vehicle emissions and focus on the positive actions of industry and various state governments.

Using Technology to Create a Safer Fleet

For mobile workforces like the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, travel in remote locations across the state is part and parcel of the job. But with workers in isolated areas, this can pose a serious threat to driver safety. Find out how John Barlow, Senior Manager – Integrated Fleet Services at the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, and former Fleet Manager of the Year 2018/19 winner, tackled this challenge and more with technology and education to improve fleet safety, vehicle utilisation and efficiency.

Technology, Technology, Technology!

The primary goal of fleet management is to provide an organisation with vehicles to deliver products and or services as cost effective and as safe as possible, hence the reason for this session. In this session you’ll hear from 3 organisations whose technology is designed to reduce your operating costs, increase safety outcomes and make your world a better place.

Strategic Thinking Towards the Combined Management of Cost, Risk and Performance Outcomes

Essential Energy’s approach (and journey) of the application of Asset Management (AM) principles and practices to its Mobile Asset (fleet) portfolio. The why, what and how approach seems to generate lots of discussion and allows us to demonstrate how tactical improvements (i.e. digital prestart and defect reporting tool, design and engineering processes) fit into the strategic thinking towards the combined management of cost, risk and performance outcomes.

What does Green Look Like?

Many organisations have the ambition to be carbon neutral and with vehicle emissions accounting for 18% of Australia’s emissions, the emissions of their fleets are perhaps their biggest stumbling block. This session will highlight the potential path to becoming carbon neutral.

Understanding Vehicle Load Weight

Carrying extra weight from accessories, cargo load and towing all affect the entire dynamic characteristics of a vehicle. Whilst vehicle performance and handling are affected by speed, weight, load distribution and road surface. This interactive presentation will explore the reasons why understanding vehicle weight is important and how to keep your fleet and drivers safe.

ANCAP – A New Decade and Lift in Five-star Criteria

January 2020 marked the start of a new decade and a change in ANCAP criteria for vehicle brands to achieve the highly coveted five-star ANCAP safety rating. During this session you’ll hear why ANCAP criteria has again been broadened, and the new safety features entering the market through ANCAP’s encouragement – features such as driver monitoring, rescue cards, centre airbags and reverse AEB.

Going to Court – Could this be You and Your Company?

With more and more organisations opting to give cash allowances to employees, there’s a greater trend towards Grey Fleets. This session aims to clear up some of the confusion around what responsibilities fall on the employer, and what the employee must do. The Mock Trial is a simulated criminal prosecution where we cross-examine a vertical slice of a corporate’s hierarchy to highlight the types of practical and legal risks that leave businesses and individuals vulnerable to serious consequences.


Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Success

The fleet and automotive industries are complex and dynamic, not unlike our roles within it. Our ability to deliver comes from years of hand on experience and knowledge, however we spend most of our time on the dance floor rather than choreographing the moves. It’s time to take stock, assess and evaluate how you make a difference in the lives of your team and your family. But as they say on the planes, if an oxygen mask drops from the ceiling, put yours on first, before helping others.

Mobility – Assets, Systems and Policies

It’s often-said Fleet Managers are becoming Mobility Managers whilst almost every supplier of products and or services claim to be mobility providers. What does it all mean? This plenary will provide you with absolute clarity on what mobility is and how changing business requirements, transport maturity and flexible policies can reduce costs and emissions.

Maximise Remarketing Returns by Upstream Selling

Process flows for fleet vehicle remarketing are undergoing change to enhance efficiency, improve net return to sellers and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This session will show examples of what can be achieved by focusing upstream. Even if you simply return the vehicle to your fleet management organisation, upstreaming your inspections will still save you money.

Exploring Fleet Management KPI’s and Benchmarking

Monitoring fleet KPI’s is an integral part of the efficient management of vehicles however the effective use of KPI’s is limited by timely data and your ability to access and interrogate it. The role of a KPI is to put in place a metric that highlights when processes are operating according to plain, going wrong or going better than expected. That’s awesome but what do you use as a benchmark? This session will explore a range of KPI’s, the challenges of data and where to source your benchmarks from.

A bump is no longer just a bump!

Historically having a small incident or bump was often a simple inexpensive cost and repaired with a minimum of fuss. Well things have changed! Attendees will gain an understanding of the benefits of ADAS features and their impact on claim cost.

ADAS – Vehicle Customisation with Modern Technology & Safety features

Almost all new passenger vehicles come standard with safety features such as airbags, stability control, and Advanced Driver Assist Systems such as autonomous braking and adaptive cruise control. Fleet vehicles must be fit for purpose to ensure safety of the users and provide an efficient work platform, which often means customisation and accessorising. But what is the impact on this new technology when modifying the base vehicle? In this presentation you will hear about the different types of vehicle technology and how they function to perform the role of a safety system.

Impaired Driving – You Don’t Need to Break the Law to be Impaired

The statistics are sobering, drink driving is a factor in 18-20% of all fatal accidents in NSW and it’s estimated that illegal drugs are present in around the same numbers. What might surprise you is fatigue accounts for more than 20-30% of all fatal crashes and severe injuries. During this session we’ll explore some of the statistics and then participate in a hands-on workshop where we’ll get to feel the effects of impairment derived from the use of prescription drugs, fatigue, alcohol and illegal drugs.

For more information about the 2021 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition, head to our dedicated conference site here