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We’re all aware of the importance of actively considering a transition towards an EV future among our fleet operations, but putting it into practice can often present more short term challenges and headaches.

As with anything, collaboration really is the key to driving meaningful change among your workplace and as a peak industry body AfMA is committed to engaging with our members and guests in useful and practical ways.

AfMA is currently part of the core working group of Charge Together Fleets whose purpose is to assist fleet & sustainability managers and other business stakeholders transition to electric vehicles and future mobility models.

One of the main deliverables of Charge Together Fleets is an online platform that will host a Learning Management System, Fleet Toolbox and Communication Centre. The website is already live and educational modules and various tools will soon be completed and available for your benefit.

“I encourage all AfMA members and contacts to share this link with anyone in the industry that has an interest in EV’s vehicles, technology and infrastructure,” AfMA Executive Director Mace Hartley said.

“Doing so will keep you up to date with the overall progress of the program and importantly the webinars that have already proven very helpful and popular.”

6 great reasons to subscribe

  1. It’s FREE
  2. Regular webinars from leading speakers
  3. Access to national procurement initiative
  4. Network and learn with your peers
  5. Access to the online platform once completed (coming soon)
  6. Once launched subscribers will also get access to a detail TCO for EV’s

More detailed information

  1. LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Units and modules with a step process of how to transition to electric vehicles and future mobility model options. It is accessible to users at any point in their fleet transition. The units will vary in topics, from understanding EVs to procurement processes and using total cost ownership. The learning management system will equip users with the necessary knowledge of the electric and mobility space and skills to use the fleet toolbox to best suit their needs.
  2. FLEET TOOLBOX: Technical, case study and communication tools required to make a business case for transitioning. There will be tools for data aggregation, fleet purchase journey, total cost of ownership including charging infrastructure, residual value, vehicle availability, average duty, telemetry tools to create clear data for business cases, stakeholder analysis and communication processes to build buy-in and find champions. The toolbox will equip users with the resources they need to transition their fleets.
  3. COMMUNICATION CENTRE: This is where users will engage in peer-to-peer learning by establishing networks, connecting on specific topic streams and collaborating. It is intended to facilitate knowledge sharing across, and within sectors. The communication centre will equip users with an avenue to directly communicate with other users of Charge Together Fleets.