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As fleet and private drivers strive to maintain adequate social distancing during these isolated times, a practical dilemma often awaits them while fuelling their vehicles.

Motorists still need to fill up but how can they ensure they do so safely?

A message from BP Australia, proud corporate partner of the Australasian Fleet Management Association:

The safety and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers and the broader community is our utmost priority, and we also remain focused on maintaining safe, compliant and reliable operations.

Our liquid fuel supply chain continues to operate as normal including our retail sites. Our company-operated sites have implemented some additional safety measures including: wiping fuel pump and dispenser handles with disinfectant, increasing sanitising procedures in store and on the forecourt, ensuring employees are washing their hands regularly, encouraging the use of contactless forms of payment such as the BP Plus App or in-store methods such as Paywave, closing in-store seating areas, stopping the use of reusable coffee cups, and offering single use condiments with food purchases.

The BP Plus App helps to ensure you and your drivers are provided with a contactless way to pay for fuel from the safety of your own vehicle.

Once set-up, your drivers will simply need to open the app in their vehicle before refuelling, select the pump and fuel type – then they’re ready to refuel and go

How to fill up using the BP Plus App

  1. Pull up to the pump at a participating BP petrol station, open the app and tap ‘Pay in Car’. Select your pump, fuel type and enter your PIN.
  2. Once you receive the notification to start filling, all you need to do is step out of your vehicle, lift the hose and refuel. (For safety you must leave the phone in the vehicle).
  3. Once your tank is full, put the hose down and drive away – it’s that simple. The transaction will be automatically added onto your BP Plus fuel card. The BP Plus App stores your fuel receipts in one place.

If you’d like to learn more about the BP Plus app please click here

If you’re not already making use of the AFMA BP Plus discount, please click here to sign up for BP Plus today. Don’t forget to use the code AFMA to access your 5 cents per litre discount