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Indonesia has started making electric vehicle (EV) batteries, a big step towards cleaner transportation. This effort, led by PT Hyundai LG Indonesia (HLI) Green Power in Karawang, West Java, began this month.

Tina Talisa, from the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), praised this move, saying it makes Indonesia the first EV battery producer in Southeast Asia. She also mentioned the government’s support for building up the national EV battery industry.

“In Indonesia, we have embarked on the mass production of our first electric vehicle battery. This not only establishes Indonesia as the pioneering electric vehicle battery producer in Southeast Asia but also underscores the government’s dedication to advancing the electric vehicle battery ecosystem, a project valued at US$ 9.8 billion or IDR 142 trillion,” Talisa remarked in a statement released on March 8, 2024.

HLI invested US$ 1.1 billion to start, aiming to produce enough batteries for about 150 thousand electric vehicles. They plan to double production by 2025.

Hong Woo Pyoung, Director of PT HLI Green Power, said they’ve been training Indonesian engineers since September 2023, getting them ready for this work.

“We have diligently prepared since September 2023. Our readiness to commence mass production in April 2024 is solid. Over the past year, we have trained Indonesian engineers, and we’ll continue to provide them with necessary expertise. The engineers from Indonesia have showcased remarkable intelligence, diligence, and competence. We take immense pride in their contributions,” remarked Hong Woo Pyoung.

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