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The New Delhi government in India wants to crush public-owned vehicles 15 years or older. The intended policy wants to start with heavy vehicles initially, and move to passenger vehicles, the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said last month.

The proposed policy has been put to a secretarial committee as suggested by Road Transport and Highways minister Gadaki. He said over half the pollution produced by the New Delhi road network is due to transport.

“[The] Finance minister said that 65 per cent of the [New Delhi] pollution is caused by heavy vehicles which have completed 15 years. We will scrap this in the first phase,” Gadkari said to Press Trust of India.

Gadaki proposes to incentivize the scrapping of vehicles by offering 75,000 Rupee (AUD$1481) tax breaks. The policy has also suggested crude oil savings would be made on top of scrap steel profits, seeing 28 million passenger vehicles turned in.