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Trucking take-up of Scandi telematics


Bus and truck operators and fleet managers using Scania vehicles can now use a cutting-edge system called Scania OnBoard and Optimise to monitor and record vehicle activity on the fly.
The fleet analysis technology gives users live information about driver behaviour, vehicle tracking and performance data, as well as re-enforcement coaching. All designed to help reduce running costs, improve efficiency and more importantly, increase safety in fleet operations.
Scania Australia Driver Services Manager, Alexander Sundin, says innovative technology like OnBoard has multiple advantages.
“Not only can we pin-point areas of operation that can help reduce fuel use,” he said, “but we can also identify opportunities to reduce driver fatigue, which reduces the potential for accidents.”
The technology allows operators and managers to reduce idle operating times and keep trucks performing at their optimum capacity. It will also allow re-active driver coaching through the collected data to help drivers refine and improve their efficiency and minimising fatigue and driving errors.
“We are confident the rate of adoption will continue to accelerate as fleet customers experience the full benefits of the OnBoard and Optimise programmes, which enable them to make significant improvements to their total operating expenditure,” Sundin said.
Watch how Scania OnBoard works here
GM-owned Scania announced the 1000th Australian truck connecting to the OnBoard and Optimise services as part of the company’s Communicator module program.
Connected customers totalled almost 70,000 trucks and buses in 2015, adding up to 170,000 in over 50 countries, the majority in Europe.