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Honda’s new Clarity FCV hydrogen fuel cell powered car, unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo motor show in October, is now on sale in Japan to government and businesses.

The Minato automaker has allocated 200 cars for yet another lease program as it collects data and feedback from owners and operators about their experience and any technical issues encountered.

The original Clarity FCX has donated much of its underpinnings, but with improved stying, additional weight has snuck in over the old car. With a 30% increase in cruising range to 750km in Japan, and power also improved from 100kW to 130kW and maximum torque hits 300Nm its improved range makes the Clarity the top of the zero-emissions class, beating the Toyota Mirai by 150km and the Hyundai ix35 by 100km respectively.

The Clarity can also act as  an external power source thanks to its Power Exporter 9000 output device, which Honda says can provide roughly seven days’ of electricity to the average Japanese household.

There are currently no plans to bring the FCV to Australia but Honda plans to roll them out in Europe and the US by the end of 2016, while Hyundai’s ix35 SUV is still in trial and demo use in Australia, launched in May 2015.