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The pace of change taking place in the automotive sector today has never been faster. As innovative models of ownership and vehicle use become commonplace, a new vision of urban mobility is emerging. At the same time, the wider energy transition is accelerating with cleaner transport being a pressing focus as we strive for a better, brighter world. 

This new era brings both opportunities and challenges for fleets. In the midst of rapid technology change and with a wider range of drivetrains available than ever before, business and governments are faced with greater choice in their fleet selection. For many it marks a venture into new territory as they look to make the shift from the traditional to the new; the internal combustion engine to the electric powertrain. 

At Hyundai Motor Group, our goal is to assist environmentally focused fleets to smoothly transition from fossil fuels to cleaner transport solutions. We plan to lead the future mobility age with the ambition to launch 44 electrified models globally by 2025. 

We are already on our way to this goal. As the only brand in Australia today offering all four eco powertrains, that is battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid, we are committed to rolling out zero and low emission technology in this market both now and into the future 

Hyundai’s battery electric models, the IONIQ and the Kona, and our fleet-only fuel cell SUV, the NEXO have been embraced by fleets across Australia with government in particular setting the trend. 

One of these government fleets making the switch is the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment. With almost 2,500 vehicles and offices across the state, the Department is decarbonising their fleet while ensuring their vehicles are fit for purpose across a wide range of environments. 

Fortunately, their vehicle fleet, which is overseen by John Barlow, Senior Manager Fleet Operations, has more choice than ever before with a growing range of eco cars available in Australia. 

John acknowledges this significant shift in model availability noting that “…it’s an exciting time to be in a fleet role given the number of EV’s that will be introduced into Australia over the next few years. 

We took delivery of our first Hyundai Kona EVs in October 2019 and the successful introduction of these vehicles and the acceptance of them by staff ensures we’ll continue to introduce EV’s into our fleet in future. 

Hyundai is also doing its bit to keep up the pace of new technology into the future. We recently unveiled our new Electric-Global Modular Platform, a dedicated battery electric vehicle platform, serving as the core technology for our next-generation electric line-up. 

Our vehicles based on this new platform will have a driving range of over 500km on a full charge and be charged up to 80% within 18 minutes through high-speed charging. This makes them ideal for fleets looking for long range and minimal downtime. 

To complement our eco car offeringwe provide a total fleet solution including tailored pricing, an extensive dealer network and lifetime service plans with the aim to assist progressive fleets meet both their budget and environmental goals. 

At Hyundai, we’re excited to partner with fleets on their transition towards a cleaner transport future. The automotive sector may be experiencing a rapid evolution, but where there is a change there is opportunity and we look forward to working closely with Australian fleets on their electrifying journey. 

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