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Hyundai Motor Company has this week launched Hyundai C A R E, a warranty extension policy for its vehicles worldwide. The program aims to support Hyundai customers who may face difficulties in getting vehicle repairs due to restricted access to service centres during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hyundai C A R E ensures that all Hyundai passenger vehicles with original warranties that expire between 1st March 2020 and 30th May 2020, will benefit from a warranty extension until 31st May 2020. More than 1.21 million Hyundai vehicles in 175 countries will be eligible for the Hyundai C A R E warranty extension, including approximately 27,000 vehicles in Australia.

Hyundai’s decision comes amid a global reaction to the outbreak of COVID-19, which has caused many countries to take various precautionary measures that include closing non-essential facilities. With Hyundai C A R E, the company expects to help address any concerns customers may have about being unable to visit a service centre to get warranty repairs during lockdown periods.

The well-being of Hyundai customers and employees is a high priority at the company, which is closely monitoring COVID-19 developments and complying with measures in local markets to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus.

“We appreciate that many of our customers may have limited access to vehicle servicing during these extraordinary times,” said Mr. Jun Heo, Chief Executive Officer, Hyundai Motor Company Australia. “With Hyundai C A R E, we wish to set their minds at ease regarding eligibility for warranty repairs and related services in the coming months. Not only do we care about our customers’ health and safety, we aim to remove the added stress where customers are unable to have repairs completed before their vehicle’s warranty expires.”

Hyundai Motor Company Australia will contact all affected customers separately in the coming days with more details about the Hyundai C A R E program.