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Australian based company Hydra Light has developed HydraCell technology, a water activated fuel cell with an extensive functioning life.

The HydraCell contains a magnesium air fuel cell which is activated by water, causing a chemical reaction between magnesium and oxygen, inducing an ionic exchange releasing electrons (power), these electrons are then collected by the carbon cathode collector and converted into usable power.

The company uses this technology to power a range Flashlights, lanterns and pocket lights.

The magnesium alloy air cell can lie dormant until water is added giving the device a 25+ year shelf life is stored sealed and dry, making HydraCell technology ideal for emergency kits for undesirable situations.

“Our revolutionary HydraCell technology harnesses the power of water and air to create a chemical reaction and capture the electrons released during this process.” Hydra Light CEO Gerry Comnios said.

“The result is 30 times more power than a traditional AA battery, and best of all, is fully recyclable, free of toxic corrosive materials, is non-hazardous unlike kerosene, and will dramatically reduce disposable battery waste in landfills.”

HydraCells are available in two styles/sized, the HC1D used in the smaller Flashlights and can provide up to 100 Hours of continuous light and the HC2D used in the larger Flashlights which will deliver 120+ hours of continuous light.

Activated by simply dipping the light in water these flashlights could make a helpful edition to any vehicles glove box or roadside emergency kit.

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