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Achieving diverse mobility outcomes should be the key objective for mobility pricing. Mobility pricing reform is a necessity and is required as a priority to understand what new pricing models might look like. But how will it be implemented?

The Australia Road Research Board is hosting another webinar this afternoon from 4:30pm featuring four leading expert panellists on this topic. The panel will be asked some challenging questions about how the new mobility pricing will affect government, organisations and individual now and into the future.

Featured Panel:

Brian Haratsis
Best-selling author, futurist and thought leader and Executive Chairman for MacroPlan

Clare Gardiner-Barnes 
Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning for Transport for NSW

Hugh Batrouney 
Transport Fellow at the Grattan Institute

Jose Viegas
Chairman of the Environment and Sustainability Board at EDP and past Secretary General for OECD International Transport Forum

Some of the critical questions which will be explored in addition to those we invite from attendees:

  • What infrastructure is required and how is it funded? Will congestion be improved or increased by CAVs? Will there be a reduction in the use of Public Transport and Active Transport?
  • How will these systems be priced? What will road use charging look like in the future?
  • How will the divide between urban / regional / remote and the disadvantaged be considered in mobility access and road pricing?
  • What are the pros and cons of lump sum (currently) versus pay-as-you-go road user pricing models?
  • Unlimited mobility access could create a whole new paradigm of congestion and decline in health due to reduced active transport, so how will mobility pricing influence behaviour and supply?

Join us today at 4:30 PM AEST. Registration is FREE but essential – click here