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Insurance is a major cost of motor vehicle ownership. Around one million vehicles are involved in collisions in Australia each year and these incidents result in considerable costs to the community in terms of personal injuries and property damage.

According to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), one-quarter of all company cars are involved in a crash each year. The organisation also noted that road crashes are the most common form of work-related fatalities, injuries and absence from work within Australia.

“It is important for companies to do their best to reduce the likelihood of crashes and keep vehicle insurance premiums as well as repair and maintenance costs down,” the TAC says.

“Most importantly, no employer wants to have one of their staff killed or injured in an accident.”

So what can a fleet manager do to reduce insurance claims and improve safety within its operations? The answer might lie in the research that buyers are doing before they purchase their new vehicles.

The IAG Research Centre in Sydney is a key body that works with vehicle manufacturers to carry out physical testing and data analysis to help contain the cost of comprehensive motor insurance.

Advice is also provided to consumers on car safety issues and technical information is supplied to the body repair industry. In doing so buyers can feel more confident about which cars will be the cheapest, safest and most environmentally friendly for their needs.

“Buying a car is a big personal decision but many people don’t know that it also has a big social and environmental impact,” the organisation said.

“That’s why we built the GreenSafe Car Profiler. It helps you to compare a range of cars on their environmental impact, safety features and running costs. That means you can make a more informed choice about which car to buy.”

AfMA is hosting a session for fleet managers and like-minded professionals on Tuesday, October 31 at the IAG Research Center in Sydney. Click here for more information and to secure your tickets.