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We’re Making a Difference Together! The 2024 Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit has just ended and with 800+ registered delegates, it’s our biggest one yet! Hosted at the beautiful Rosehill Gardens Racecourse Grand Pavilion, Sydney, the Summit featured two days of insightful discussions, innovative showcases, and recognition of outstanding achievements in fleet management.

Here are the highlights of this year.

Day 1: Setting the Stage for Industry Advancement

The summit opened with a keynote session sponsored by Foton Mobility, featuring Dr. Steve Nuttall, Research Director at Fifth Quadrant, who shared key developments in the fleet sector. Discussions on industry insights, including strategic advancements, electric/hybrid vehicle transitions, and the role of Fleet Management Organisations (FMOs), set the tone for the day.

Technological innovations took centre stage on this day, with sessions focusing on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and advancements in battery technology. Attendees also explored the challenges and opportunities of fleet electrification, alongside insights on managing data agreements and leveraging data for informed decision-making.

Furthermore, professional development sessions equipped attendees with essential skills, from mastering elevator pitches to strategies for effective succession planning. Safety and risk management discussions highlighted the multifaceted impact of AI technology on road safety and emphasised the importance of holistic fatigue management.

Day 2: Deep Dive into Management Practices and Leadership Strategies

The second day of the summit focused on fleet management practices, regulatory impacts, and leadership strategies. Keynote speaker Jason Smith, Program Director at the Australian Automobile Association’s Real-World Testing Program, provided invaluable insights into translating lab-based data on fuel consumption and emissions into real-world performance.

Sessions on regulatory impact and compliance addressed the implications of new regulations, emissions reporting best practices, and expert advice on Fringe Benefits Tax for electric and low-emission vehicles. Environmental sustainability discussions explored fleet decarbonisation strategies beyond electric vehicles, while sessions on technological innovations highlighted the role of digitalisation in enhancing fleet safety.

Leadership and professional development sessions focused on enhancing communication, influence skills, and supporting diversity and inclusion in the fleet industry, empowering attendees to drive positive change within their organisations.

Industry Dinner and Fleet Awards Presentation: Celebrating Excellence

The Summit wouldn’t be complete without the 2024 Industry Dinner & Fleet Awards Presentation. It was a night where industry leaders and innovators were recognised for exhibiting excellence in their field.

Starting the night off, Richard Schuster was recognised and presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Logan City Council received the 2024 Fleet Environment Award for its achievements in sustainability.

Meanwhile Osmose Australia was honoured with the 2024 Fleet Safety Award for its advancements in fleet safety.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the 2024 Fleet Manager of the Year Award to Thomas Brayley of Logan City Council, celebrating his leadership and positive impact on fleet management.

The awards ceremony showcased initiatives that continue to create positive waves within the fleet and automotive industries. Congratulations to all our winners and we hope you continue to drive change and inspire our community further.

New Additions to the Summit

The Summit was made special by two new additions: the Ride and Drive Event and the free CPR course.

Attendees had the unique opportunity to test drive the latest electric vehicles, thanks to Eagers Automotive. The Ride & Drive event showcased cutting-edge EV technology and sustainability while offering personalised driving sessions for participants.

Additionally, delegates benefited from a free CPR course, enhancing their emergency response capabilities. This course was hosted by Community First Responders Australia (CFRA).

Our Thanks to All of You

AfMA would like to thank everyone who made the Summit possible starting off with our Event Partners: Toyota Fleet Management and Toyota for Business.

Of course, we can’t forget our Fleet Awards sponsors. Thank you, Innovation Group and BP Australia for sponsoring the Fleet Manager of the Year Award; Hyundai Motor Company and Teletrac Navman for sponsoring the Fleet Environment Award, and Geotab and MiX by Powerfleet for sponsoring the Sleet Safety Award.

To all our sponsors and exhibitors, our warmest gratitude to you!

A special thank you also goes to our emcees, Lisa Panarello, Ken Goldberg, and Paul Sor for guiding our sessions.

And of course, to our 800+ delegates for whom the last two days was truly about. We hope you can take all your learnings from the Summit and continue Making a Difference Together in our industry! We’ll see you in the next one!

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