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The Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) which has been funded by the federal government will provide a Safety Through Education project.

This initiative is part of a wider scheme which aims to deliver tangible improvements in road and heavy vehicle safety which is administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

There is hope that every fleet manager will take this opportunity to ensure their drivers and workers have the correct training and use the valuable educational resources this project has created to ensure their drivers are safe.

“The courses will provide a relevant, accurate, immersive educational experience, on a proven platform, enabling successful participation by drivers and workers across the supply chain and will lead to improved safety outcomes,” HVIA CEO, Todd Hacking said.

Safety training can often involve studying large amounts of procedural information outlined by the organisation or through government statutes making it a time consuming and mind-numbing task. However, according to Mr Hacking,

“This project will transform the volumes of written guidance information into simple, immersive and practical online education courses.”

As an online course, the Safety Through Education project provides flexibility for drivers and organisations.

The project consists of two interactive online training tools focusing on loading restraint procedures and tyre management.

Tyre choice such as tread, wear, and pressure all contribute to the overall safety of the vehicle and road users, regular maintenance, and safety systems reduce the chances of failures. The project aims to educate relevant parties on these important factors as an effort to reduce accidents and road fatalities.

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