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Automakers and tech companies at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas have unveiled gadgets and accessories that are set to make vehicles safer and healthier for drivers and passengers.

Several suppliers focused on providing tools to help drivers get ahead of potential health problems including air filters

French auto supplier Valeo featured air filters and systems that allow passengers to control the climate within the vehicle. These filtration systems for cars and buses can clear out more than 95 percent of viruses including COVID-19.

The goal, according to  Valeo’s Deputy Chief Executive Christophe Perillat, is to turn vehicles “into a sort of health cocoon”.

Similarly, suppliers like CabinAir and Marelli have car air purification systems that could be installed inside the cockpit or in a cup holder.

Meanwhile, Gentex offered a sensor composed of nano-fibres capable of surveying the air and identifying contaminants.

“The latest generation of technologies comes after earlier efforts focused initially on the trucking industry, where lengthy periods behind the wheel marred physical health,” said Carla Bailo, head of the Center for Automotive Research.

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