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With new models entering the Australasian market – armed with increased battery ranges and significantly faster-charging technologies – now is a good time to capture the opportunities for business and government fleets.

Electric vehicles are quieter, and have fewer or no tailpipe emissions. They contribute towards cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions, especially when charging from solar power or a renewable energy contract.

AfMA’s Executive Director Mace Hartley is one of the speakers at the upcoming Electric Vehicles for Business Forum in Adelaide on October 21st.

At this forum, delegates will hear about the current opportunities for adopting electric vehicles in a business setting and from those who have made the switch already.

Key Features:

  • Receive practical information on the business case for electric vehicles
  • Hear case studies and driver experience
  • Learn about City of Adelaide incentives and support for charging infrastructure
  • View the latest electric vehicle models
  • Take a drive in an electric vehicle
  • Connect with other leading and innovative businesses


  • Mace Hartley, Executive Director of Australasian Fleet Management Association – Providing a national perspective on how barriers are being overcome for electric vehicles as fleet cars.
  • Daniel Hilson, Founder,  EV energi – reporting from the Charge Together Fleet initiative, and presenting a new Total Cost of Ownership calculator for fleets.
  • Lee Robertson, State Manager, SG Fleet (Sydney) – sharing lessons learnt from their head office conversion to electric vehicles.
  • Peter Nattrass, City of Adelaide – incentives offered for electric car charging through the Sustainability Incentive Scheme, which supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

Car models on display:


  • 10:00 am – 11:00 am Short talks at U City Function Centre, 43 Franklin Street, with light morning tea.
  • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm Car viewing and drive experiences from the Franklin Street Charging Hub, 109 Franklin St.

For more info on the event and to purchase tickets, click here