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3D Printing company Local Motors is building two new factories in Berlin and Tennessee to produce its printed autonomous Olli transport vehicle fleet.

The innovative firm that printed Olli, a fully autonomous 3D-printed vehicle, will begin planned production of its all-electric driverless vehicle in these factories which will only be available to fleets.

Olli is the result of a joint project between Local Motors, Olli_Local MotorsDeutsche Bahn (a German transport operator) and Innoz (a German mobility firm) which launched the low-volume commuter vehicle to fatherland university Euref Campus. Olli will transport students from 9am to 5pm in a six-month pilot program that takes students to nearby Deutsche Bahn train stops.

Olli has ‘learning’ capability similar to Tesla, with over-lapping sensors and data logging systems which can detect situations and difficult scenarios that it comes across and adapts.

Deutsche Bahn chariman Dr Rudiger Grube said it’s just the beginning.

“Autonomous vehicles will revolutionise the mobility market, as customers will be able to use public transport services when they need it,” he said.

“With our test operation, we want to demonstrate that we can already bundle our great know-how as a mobility provider with new technologies so that the customer benefits from it.”

Local Motors plans to “ramp up production and build dozens of Ollies this year,” in partnership with Deutsche Bahn.

Strati, Local Motors first prototype 3D print car in 2014

Strati, Local Motors first prototype 3D print car in 2014