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The German True Fleet Market is headed in the right direction in 2017, reporting 9.2 percent growth to start the year.

A Dataforce press release shows 58,705 new passenger cars made the highest volume ever for January, while the Private Market has also achieved positive results with 13.5 per cent growth.

The Total Market overall has recorded its strongest January tally since 2003 at over  241,000 registrations.

Eight out of the ten top brands boosted fleet registrations compared with January 2016, including market leader Volkswagens, and Mercedes in second, showed double figure rates of growth.

In third, fourth and fifth was Ford, BMW and Audi.

VW sub-brand Skoda also saw growth of a whopping 48.9 per cent while French brand Renault came eight with 49.4 per cent increase. Czech-automaker Skoda managed a market share of 7.4 per cent which was its highest since September 2013 – its second best month ever in its history in Germany.


January 2016 compared to this year saw diesel engined passenger car registrations drop 3.5 per cent from 70.4 to 73.9 per cent for True Fleet. DataForce recorded a record high 2.4 per cent share taken up by full electric and hybrid models, while hybrids managed to grow by 77.5 per cent over Jan 2016, and battery electric vehicles improved by over 131 per cent.

Toyota Yaris led hybrid sales (unavailable in Australia), over Lexus NX, Audi A3 e-Tron (N/A), Toyota RAV4 (N/A) and BMW 225xe Active Tourer (N/A) .

The BMW i3 was the most popular full EV, ahead of the Renault Zoe (N/A), Tesla Model S, and VW e-Up (N/A). Tesla’s Model X SUV has already reached 5th position in the BEV rankings and grows at a healthy rate ahead of Nissan LEAF and several other models, all of which are still not available in Australia.


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