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Geotab has strengthened its position as the number one commercial telematics vendor worldwide, recently passing the 100 vehicle milestone for electric vehicle (EV) support.

“Hitting the 100 mark is not only a sign of our commitment to fleet managers to support all the EVs currently in their fleet, but the confidence to know that as new models are released, Geotab will integrate and support those models quickly,” Matt Stevens, Vice President of Electric Vehicles said.

“We understand that a telematics system is only truly useful for a fleet that runs electric vehicles if it supports all their EVs – half support simply doesn’t cut it.”

With a massive influx of new EV models set to hit the market – many analysts are indicating there will be 500 new models available by 2022 – tracking them via telematics becomes even more challenging than traditional ICE vehicles.

Indeed part of the issue with using telematics to support EV models in particular is that for the most part EV manufacturers don’t have to follow a consistent ‘standardisation protocol’ when providing access to vehicle-side data.

“We’ve spent years developing our industry-leading approach to accessing this very data, and have deliberately built our systems and specialized tooling to make it faster and easier to decode various EV makes and models to ensure we can continue to grow our list of supported EVs,” Mr Stevens said.

“Our ability to scale means we’re capable of adding support at an increased rate to keep up with the projected 10 new models a month.”

Geotab is a Corporate Partner of the Australasian Fleet Management Association.