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Fleet management solutions provider and AfMA Corporate Partner Geotab has cause for celebration – with the company recently commemorating its 20th anniversary in August.

Geotab joined as an AfMA Corporate Partner on 1st October 2019 and has been a critical supporter of our operations along with our other Corporate Partners.

Geotab’s leadership in safety is evidenced by providing a scholarship for AfMA’s contextualised Diploma of Leadership and Management facilitated by Swinburne University and their funding contributed to the development of two online courses being:

  • Work Health & Safety in the Mobile Workplace
  • Risk & Hazard Management in the Mobile Workplace

Geotab was founded 20 years ago on August 9, 2000 in Oakville, ON, Canada, where its headquarters are still located today. What began as a small business in the CEO’s home has now expanded into a global company with over 1,000 employees working in cities from Las Vegas to Paris to Adelaide.

“Geotab is proud of everyone who has contributed to our goal of helping customers all over the world make informed, data-driven decisions — but we’re just getting started,” the company said.

“Here’s to another 20 years of helping businesses reach their full potential and keeping the roads safer for everyone.”

In 2019, Geotab was named #1 commercial telematics provider worldwide by ABI Research with over 2 million Geotab telematics devices in operation in over 130+ countries.

“Geotab is a mash-up of the term ‘geospatial’, which relates to data associated with a specific location, and ‘tabulation’ meaning the arranging of information systematically,” the company said.

“No wonder our motto has become ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure!'”

The following roadmap is an excellent look at the innovative and creative solutions provided by the company over the last two decades: