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  1. What is your vision for 2021 and how will it look different for your organisation?

Datium Insights’ vision for 2021 is to establish ourselves as the premier used car pricing experts in the marketplace. Combining our expansive dataset with our superior analytics offering, we aim to help our customers make quicker, more accurate pricing decisions with greater clarity than ever before on how the used car market is performing.

DIYinspect’s vision for 2021 is to continue to disrupt the car selling market by expanding the customer experience with new features and enhancements. We want to continue to build on our growth by prioritising ease, flexibility and transparency throughout the whole process. We’re also giving companies a simple way to manage and track cars through a backend portal. By the end of 2021, we want to leave a positive impression on all of customers, see more people recognise who we are, and have them recommend us to their family and friends.

  1. What new solutions can you provide to the fleet market that will help them thrive both now and into the future?

Datium Insights’ superior ability in tracking used car price trends can ensure large fleet operators effectively manage future residual value risk, particularly through volatile market conditions we are experiencing today. With the used car market facing unprecedent volatility, having access to the latest, most comprehensive and accurate insights can help guide fleet professionals make timely, effective financial decisions today.

DIYinspect provides an innovative and unique customer experience for the fleet market to sell their vehicles through a seamless, guided process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The app is easy to use, faster than traditional fleet disposal methods and pays finance out directly to the finance company.

  1. What is the core focus of your new product or innovation – is it improved driver safety, new technology, improved efficiency, reduced emissions, financial savings, or something else entirely?

Datium Insights provides the most accurate used car data in the market, allowing fleet managers to make more informed financial decisions in their procurement, remarketing and risk teams. Using a combination of Datium InstantVal and Autopredict, fleet managers can identify cost-effective vehicles for procurement, manage their residual value exposure better and dispose vehicles using the latest and most accurate pricing data available.

DIYinspect allows increased efficiency for anyone selling vehicles. Users can complete a vehicle inspection from anywhere, anytime with the whole process taking only 20 minutes. In revolutionising the way we sell cars, DIYinspect saves time and resources for all our users.

  1. In what ways are your solutions unique from your competitors?

Datium Insights retains the largest used car sales database in Australia. Our data consists of actual transactional prices, not listed prices. Consequently, the products, services and research we provide are based off the best data available when it comes to used car pricing. Combined with our market-leading data science expertise, our solutions differentiate ourselves from anything else available on the marketplace.

DIYinspect is the only app of its kind in Australia, where a guaranteed price can be provided to a customer based on a virtual inspection. We’re backed by Pickles, and buy the asset rather than simply connecting a buyer and a seller. DIYinspect pays out finance when it is owing on a vehicle, and offers free towing within 30km of a Pickles branch.

  1. What genuine value are you providing to fleet buyers?

Datium Insights’ tools are currently in use by fleet management organisations, rental companies, councils and financiers, providing the latest and most accurate forecasts of used car prices. Our customers put trust in the accuracy and timeliness of the insights we produce, reflected in our thought leadership in news media publications.

The ability for users to save time and resources with DIYinspect make it an obvious choice for future-thinking fleet managers. It allows customers to complete the inspection themselves without having to send someone to do a physical inspection removing the pain points from selling your car.

Pickles Ventures is part of Pickles, previously Pickles Auctions, Australia’s top asset remarketing, valuation, and advisory specialist. Datium Insights and DIYinspect are both start-ups within the brand.