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Put simply, AfMA links people and knowledge to create outcomes!

What better way to achieve this then by creating a Jobs Board.

Recruiting new talent is time consuming. There’s no doubt fishing in the right pond is key to attracting the right candidates. You can spend hundreds of dollars placing job adverts and thousands using professional recruitment companies, sometimes without great outcomes.

Recruitment advisers all agree, casting your net wide with specific role responsibilities, key skill attributes and core competencies should attract good potential candidates.

AfMA members represent a wide array of professionals working in and around the automotive and fleet industry. AfMA members include individuals with over 100 different position titles who represent all levels of experience and seniority.

AfMA provides an excellent pond to source new talent and you can do so at no cost. Yes, that’s correct, there is no cost to list a positions vacant advert or list yourself as an individual seeking new opportunities.

This service is available to member and non-member organisations as well as individuals seeking employment.

AfMA will publish links to the Job Board as part of our weekly update reaching over 4,000 organisations and individuals each week.

The process is simple, go to and select the Services tab. Now select either Submit a Job Advert or Submit a Seeking New Opportunities, complete the information form and upload your company logo or profile picture.

If you have any questions call the office on +61 3 9866 6056 or drop us an email [email protected]