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Australian fleet managers will be among the first beneficiaries of real-world testing – and also among the key players in determining the program’s success – according to the Australian Automobile Association. 

“Testing began this month,” says AAA Managing Director Michael Bradley. 

“Many of the vehicles that the Real-World Testing Program is prioritising are mainstays in commercial and government fleets. The program will soon be delivering relevant fuel consumption and emissions results that will help fleet managers make better informed purchasing decisions.” 

The AAA is managing the program on behalf of the Australian Government, which has provided $14 million to test 200 cars, SUVs, utes and vans over the next four years. 

Mr Bradley says fleet managers will play in a big role in the program’s success. 

“Fleet managers are well-informed and influential in the market,” he says. 

“We expect the testing program will influence their purchasing decisions. This will not only have a near-term impact on the new-vehicle market – within a few years it will make a big difference in the second-hand market.” 

The AAA says that fleet managers’ support has been invaluable in getting the Real-World Testing Program established.   

“Mace Hartley has been a leading advocate for this program,” Mr Bradley says.  

“He and AfMA helped win the support of some key stakeholders and the Federal Government.” 

The AAA says several fleet managers have already shown interest in lending vehicles for testing and it expects the sector’s participation to grow as the program progresses. 

“More and more fleet managers are understanding how the program can benefit their organisations and Australia as a whole,” Mr Bradley says. 

“They can see the payoffs from supporting real-world testing.” 

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