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Two executives from a Sydney trucking company have pleaded guilty following a horror crash in Melbourne killed four police officers. The driver was reportedly driving under the influence of drugs and was fatigued.

The company Connect Logistics was charged along with several of its executives in cases brought by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) in the NSW courts.

This month, the company pleaded guilty to the charge of Category One; recklessly exposing people to serious injury or death.

Meanwhile, Executives Corey Matthews and Shane Chalmers pleaded guilty to one count each of failing in their lawful duties as executives of Connect.

A third executive is still fighting the charges and could land in prison if found guilty.

On April 22, 2020, a 19-tonne semi-trailer driven by Mohinder Singh collided with two police cars on the side of Melbourne’s Eastern Freeway after pulling over a speeding Porsche driven by Richard Pusey.

Four officers including leading senior constable Lynette Taylor, constable Glen Humphris, senior constable Kevin King and constable Josh Prestney were killed in the crash.

Organisations and businesses, including its executives can be held responsible for those actions which impact on the safety of a transport task or activity and may be legally liable. Learn more about an organisation’s responsibility under the Chain of Responsibility requirements by clicking here.

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