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New Zealand has recorded a total of 116,445 annual registrations for passenger and SUV vehicles for 2022. This marks a 3.8 percent (up 4,203 units) increase from 2021 making 2022 the strongest year for this segment on record. According to the Motor Industry Association (MIA), this is driven by the increase in sales of electric passenger and SUV vehicles last year.

MIA Chief Executive David Crawford said, “It is an outstanding result given rising interest rates, a challenging business environment and inflationary pressures dampening economic activity.”

“The outlook for 2023 is for a somewhat softer outcome, with businesses and private buyers tightening their belts,” Mr. Crawford added.

Market Leaders

The top three market leaders for 2022 were Toyota with 17% market share (28,727 units) followed by Mitsubishi with 14% (23,886 units) and Ford with 9% market share (15,212 units).

Overall Top Models

The Ford Ranger led the year with 7% of all new vehicle registrations (11,577 units) for 2022. This is followed by the Toyota Hilux was in second spot with 6% share (9,787 units) and the Mitsubishi Outlander third, also with 6% market share 9,104 units).

BEV, PHEV, and Hybrid Market for 2022

The total vehicles retailed with some form of electrification in their drivetrain grew from 23,173 units in 2021 to 41,103 units in 2022, an increase of 77% (17,930 units), according to the MIA.

The top-selling BEV model was the Tesla Model Y (4,226 units) followed by the Tesla Model 3 (2,781 units) and BYD Atto 3 (1,685 units).

Meanwhile, the best-selling PHEV for the year was the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (2,705 units) following by its bigger sibling the Outlander (2,243 units) with MG HS in third (647 units).

Furthermore, the top selling hybrid models for year were the Toyota RAV4 (3,841 units) followed by the Honda Jazz (1,893 units) and Toyota Corolla (1,640 units).

SUV and Passenger Vehicle Market for 2022

The top-selling passenger and SUV models for the year were the Mitsubishi Outlander (9,104 units) followed by the Toyota RAV4 (5,863 units) and the Tesla Model Y (4,226 units).

Commercial Vehicle Market for 2022

Ford led the commercial vehicle market in 2022 with a 25% market share (12,041 units) followed by Toyota with 24% (11,735 units) and Mitsubishi with 14% (6,630 units).

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