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Migrating Australia’s fleets is the most important thing we can do as a country to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.

AfMA was proud to partner with organisations including Evenergi in development of Charge Together Fleets – the free program to assist fleet and sustainability managers transition to zero emissions vehicles.

With information on passenger vehicles becoming more available, Evenergi has been working with many fleets’ other asset types, and on World EV day launched the Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van Report.

So why produce a Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van Report?

The answer is simple, for many organisations, these heavy vehicles are their highest emitters of Co2 and NOx and whilst committed to decarbonising their fleets, there are many challenges including: –

  • Rapidly changing technology
  • Lack of availability of product and price
  • Charging infrastructure complexity
  • Perceptions of operational risk in introducing vehicles that lack traditional range, and
  • Let’s not forget perhaps the greatest challenge, a clear lack of information, thoughtfully organised in one central location.

As a fleet manager it is difficult to keep up, but Evenergi’s quarterly report will help you to:

  • Be the first to know when new vehicles are available
  • Compare all vehicles in the market by key specifications
  • Understand the market readiness index by segment
  • Understand charging platforms that are available and key specifications

From buses to tipper trucks and everything in between, this report will provide concise, factual information on the latest manufacturer releases, vehicle specifications and readiness, key segment analysis and charging detail.

Click here to subscribe to your free quarterly Zero Emissions Bus, Truck and Van Report.