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A team have set out to prove electric vehicles are not just for city streets by taking on a 10-day trek from Perth to Sydney.

74 teams leave Perth to re-create part of the journey from the famous 1968 London to Perth marathon rally covering 5700km over 10 days.

The team will be making the massive trip in a Tesla Model 3.

To cross the Australian outback in an EV, the team will use 2 trucks as mobile charging stations to help power the electric vehicle through its journey. Team leader, Jonathan Edwards believes the journey is a good opportunity to prove an EVs capabilities in a gravel road environment and one of the only roadblocks for electric vehicles is the lack of charging infrastructure.

“We want to get to the point where there’s no restriction on taking an EV anywhere,” said Edwards.

The team’s official main sponsor, Ampol is also proving its support of EV adoption in Australia through the launch of AmpCharge, its new fast electric vehicle charging infrastructure rolling out in Ampol sites across the country.

Watch the full story here.

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