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Electric Vehicles (EV’s) have made an impression within the fleet industry as several fleets across Australia continue making the switch to sustainability.

While the rate of electric vehicles continues to increase on our roads, there is still often questions surrounding the infrastructure required for the practicality of EV’s.

The frequency of charging stations on Australian roads in 2019 was numbered at less than 2500 according to Infrastructure Australia but is set to grow as EV sales increase every year and are predicted to occupy 70% of new vehicle sales by 2040.

“EV take-up has both environmental and productivity benefits for Australia, but only if supported by strategic infrastructure investment” former Executive Director of Project Advisory, Anna Chau said.

“As countries transition to electric vehicles and hybrids Australia will have little choice but to follow suit. However, in order to maximise the benefits from EVs we need to be proactive from a policy and infrastructure perspective.”

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) announced $24.55 million will be dedicated to the construction of more than 400 new EV charging points around Australia, aiming to increase the accessibility of running an EV on Australian roads.

“As the costs of electric vehicles come down, more consumers and fleet users are looking to go electric. Expanding the fast-charging network will make it easier than ever to drive an EV in Australia,” ARENA CEO Darren Miller said.

The combined investment of EV infrastructure from the private and public sectors has highlighted the commitment to sustainability and reduces infrastructure related barriers securing the electrification of Australian roads.