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The holiday rush can be tricky, especially for electric vehicle (EV) drivers who rely on charging stations. Being considerate during EV charging isn’t just about your car—it’s about making the road fair and pleasant for everyone.

Whether someone needs a charge or a parking spot, being mindful of other road users is key for a smoother journey during this hectic time of the year. Here are some EV charging etiquettes to be mindful of:

Time Matters: Don’t Overstay

When your EV finishes charging, try not to linger at the charging spot. This allows other EV owners to charge their vehicles promptly, especially during busy holiday times when the demand for charging stations might be high.

Avoid ICE-ing

It’s important to keep spots designated for EVs clear. This means not parking a non-electric car in these designated spots, as it can prevent EV owners from accessing the charging stations they need.

Communicate Well

If you see others waiting for a charging spot, leaving a note on your car’s windshield with an estimated time for your charging completion can be helpful. Using apps or platforms that show your charging status or expected departure time can also keep others informed.

Share Charging Stations

If there are several available charging stations, using different ones rather than occupying adjacent spots can help more people charge their vehicles at the same time. It’s about maximising the available resources for everyone’s benefit.

Be Flexible

During the holiday rush, unexpected delays might occur. Being adaptable and understanding can help accommodate others who might urgently need a charge due to unforeseen circumstances.

Use Basic Manners

Just like in any situation, being considerate and avoiding actions that could inconvenience others—like leaving charging cables tangled or obstructing access to chargers—goes a long way in creating a positive charging environment.

Plan Ahead

Knowing where charging stops are along your route and having alternative options in mind can prevent congestion at specific charging stations. This planning helps reduce wait times and ensures a smoother journey for all EV owners.

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