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In a move geared towards securing the future of fleet management, the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) proudly introduces the Industry Development Program (IDP). This visionary initiative is crafted to address the critical need for succession planning within the industry, ensuring a seamless transition for the forthcoming generation of fleet professionals. 

The IDP aims to empower emerging fleet managers by providing them with essential knowledge and a robust network, laying the foundation for their successful integration into the industry. The program focuses on cultivating skills and tools necessary for driving continuous growth, emphasising operational improvement, fleet safety, and sustainability. 

The primary goal of the IDP is to offer participants a comprehensive understanding of the industry landscape, emerging technologies, and innovative services. By nurturing their growth, the program not only benefits individuals but also contributes to the prosperity of their families, peers, and organisations, ultimately shaping the future of the entire industry. 

Developed in collaboration with AfMA’s Corporate Partners, Geotab, Autorola, Pedders Suspension & Brakes, RedBook, Ampol, and Zurich Resilience Solutions, the IDP is backed by a visionary group committed to investing in the industry’s future. This collaboration will fund $200,000 worth of free tickets to AfMA’s annual Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition, a premier event showcasing the latest technologies and practices in the field. 

The IDP targets essential support roles within organisations, excluding primary Fleet Managers, Managers, BDMs, and Salespeople. Eligible roles include Fleet Administrators, Fleet Technicians, Logistics Coordinators, Compliance Officers, Data Analysts, Fleet Maintenance Supervisors, and more.   

To participate, organisations must be paid-up AfMA members at the time of the conference. The program excludes individuals who attended AfMA’s 2023 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition. Free ticket recipients’ information will be shared with AfMA’s corporate partners for collaboration purposes. 

Organisations interested in participating can register by visiting our webpage which provides further information. 

By launching the Industry Development Program, AfMA envisions a future where the fleet management industry continues to thrive through the cultivation of skilled, knowledgeable, and empowered professionals. Join AfMA on this journey to shape the future of fleet management and secure success for generations to come. 

For more information, please email [email protected].