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We have all scrolled through our inboxes and spotted an email that doesn’t belong- a scam which has made its way through our trusty junk mail defences.

The need for cyber safety and digital protection has skyrocketed since the incorporation of communication technology into business practices.

For years we have all heard at least one story of lost data and corrupt files never to be recovered again and always heard the same “don’t click a suspicious link, don’t open a strange email” but unfortunately things do still happen.

Protecting yourself and your business in the online landscape of the digital age is a necessity, but where do you start?

Antivirus Software

There are several Antivirus Software options available which can help prevent viruses, spyware, and malware from infecting your digital systems. Such malware can cause files to become corrupt or deleted entirely, steal information, cause your computer and other devices to stop working and even allow other to access your systems.

Ways that your computer can be infected is through:

  • clicking on false website links
  • visiting websites that have been infected by malware
  • downloading infected apps and files from the internet
  • opening infected email attachments.

Backing Up and Restoring

Regularly backing up the data on all devices to a secure cloud or external hard drive can prevent massive data loss should your systems fall victim to digital attacks or accidents. It also ensures quick restoration of information, getting your systems back up and running again in a timely manner. For a more efficient approach, set up automatic download and backup systems in case of forgetting or not having the time to manually back up.

In today’s world a business’s online presence is essential, making digital safety and security vital. The effects of COVID-19 have made cybercriminals bolder and every industry a target. Do your research and keep you and your organisation safe and secure.

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