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American engine designer Cummins has just unveiled an electric concept truck, as part of the company’s bid to develop more environmentally-friendly technologies.

Known as the AEOS, the electric semi truck hopes to have a range of around 161 km (100 miles) on a single charge, which could be extended to 483 km (300 miles) with additional battery packs.  The AEOS is expected to haul 22 tons of load, and can be custom fitted with solar panels along its trailer roof to allow even greater energy saving returns for its drivers.

The move comes as Tesla plans a September launch of its own EV semi truck model.

“Cummins has always been an innovator,” Congressman Luke Messer said.

“Today serves as the latest example of how this thriving Indiana business is developing cutting-edge technologies that will shape the manufacturing industry for decades to come. It was an honor to join Cummins today and support the thousands of Hoosiers that work for this great Indiana company.”

The new electric model from Cummins pales in comparison to the 1610 km distance of a traditional semi, which will do little to ease “range anxiety” concerns for those wanting to make a purchase should the vehicle make its way to Australasian shores.

The model also falls behind Tesla’s predicted single charge lengths, but the significant load capacity of the AEOS is likely to be its single biggest selling feature for those looking to make the electric vehicle plunge with their semi truck fleet.

It wouldn’t be unfeasible to see models like the AEOS truck being used purely for inner-city deliveries from warehouse to retail stores, while traditional trucks stay out on the roads for longer range journeys. In any case the pragmatic release of the AEOS by Cummins indicates a commitment by the manufacturer to source more environmentally sustainable technologies.

“These new technological innovations build on our 100-year legacy of bringing the best solutions to our customers, driving their success and meeting the evolving demands of their industries and markets,” Cummins CTO Jennifer Rumsey said.

“We will harness our global technical footprint to continue to develop a wide variety of power technologies to bring our customers the choice and solutions that enable their success and contribute to a sustainable future.”

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