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We have all seen some fantastic examples of TERRIBLE driving on the road, maybe even provided some examples ourselves but every driver can become a safer driver.

Fleet managers are tasked with overseeing many aspects of vehicle use, including authorised drivers and while we cannot choose the perfect driver, training, education, and monitoring can improve their skills and awareness.

Authorised drivers are employees whose regular daily assignments include driving a company owned, rented, or leased vehicle. May also include employees who have a company vehicle as part of their employment entitlements, those who drive a pool vehicle or those who use personal vehicles for business on occasional basis.

An authorised driver should:

  • be confirmed as having a current and valid license
  • have a satisfactory driving record and experience
  • have the skills required to operate the particular vehicles
  • not have a risk history suggesting that he or she presents an unacceptable risk for the company
  • meet the required medical standard or has anything in their medical history that affects their ability to drive
  • have had an eye tested)

Driver Training is beneficial to all drivers, regardless of their perceived experience. Depending on the individual requirements there are multiple training options available. Employee skills assessments, induction, vehicle and equipment training and familiarisation, as well as practical vehicle handling and developing defensive driver skills to ensure drivers can handle a car in an emergency situation, including hazard identification and avoidance.

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