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As fleet managers, promoting safety within our fleets should always be at the forefront of our priorities. To help you in providing a safer mobile workplace for your drivers, AfMA has worked with the Department of Transport Victoria and ANCAP to develop two courses to help drivers understand safety ratings and vehicle safety features.

The ANCAP Safety Ratings Course 25-minute online course that explains everything you need to know about the ANCAP star safety rating, what features are tested, and why. Once completed, drivers can expect to understand how today’s vehicles are tested and for safety while ultimately helping them in choosing the safest car for their needs. It covers topics such as:

  • Vehicle safety standards and regulations
  • Understanding safety ratings
  • Physical crash tests
  • Assessment of vehicle safety technology
  • Date stamping and its importance
  • Finding out a vehicles safety rating

Meanwhile, the Vehicle Safety Features course is 40-minute online course that explains the safety features included in today’s vehicles. It highlights the most effective safety features and explains how they work to protect not only the life of the driver but also that of the passengers and vulnerable road users. The topics discussed in the course include:

  • Categories of safety features
  • Early safety features
  • Latest safety features
  • The future of safety measures

Both courses are designed for drivers of passenger, SUV, and light commercial vehicles. Each module in the courses also includes Knowledge Checks to assess and ensure their understanding of the information provided.

Participants will also gain 60 minutes of Professional Development Credits upon completion of both courses.

Create safer drivers on and off the road. Purchase the course here today!