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Have you or your fleet ever been to court? How would your organisation react in the midst of a serious incident?

Part of AfMA’s commitment to its members and the broader automotive community is through education. A key feature of the 2018 AfMA Conference & Exhibition will be the undertaking of a live mock court trial for delegates led by the Safety Australia Group.

Safety Australia Group is a corporate training provider that assists organisations to bridge the gap between procedural expectations and actual worker practices. The unique Mock Trial program encourages a commercially astute and pragmatic approach to risk management, by:

  • Explaining how the law really works;
  • Proving that complexity increases risk;
  • Showing how lack of engagement creates organisational and individual risk; and
  • Giving you simple ideas that can make a big difference.

Bruce Whitehead is the founder of Mock Court International. Bruce was formerly a Police Prosecutor, Prosecutor assisting the Coroner and Senior WorkCover Prosecutor.

“Most people do not have the experience and learnings derived from going to Court and running a simulated safety prosecution is a great way to share key insights,” he said.

The Mock Trial will highlight a simulated civil or criminal prosecution where the presenters will cross-examine a vertical slice of a corporate’s hierarchy to highlight the types of practical and legal risks that leave businesses and individuals vulnerable to serious consequences.

Mr Whitehead said the Mock Court program was the most effective medium to explain and demonstrate why a court case is always bad no matter which side you are on.

“My most important message would be that once you get to Court you have already lost and that understanding the reasons for the dislocation between procedures and actual work practices can quickly compress your compliance risk.”

The 2018 AfMA Conference & Exhibition will take place at  Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre next Thursday 17th and Friday 18th May. Tickets are still available here.