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Anyone operating in and around the automotive and fleet industries understands that the vehicle is a workplace. This means managing the risks associated with work activities involving vehicles is critical for occupational health and safety in fleets.

To help fill in knowledge gaps about creating a safe mobile workplace for everyone, AfMA developed a learning path called the Work health & Safety and Risk and Hazard Management for the Mobile Workplace.

This online course is designed to help firms, organisations, and individuals understand their responsibilities in relation to the mobile workplace.

This learning path consists of two main modules:

The first module talks about Work Health and Safety. It aims to help people to better manage the road safety risks within their work environment. Furthermore, it covers topics such as road traffic safety, road traffic laws, road traffic risks, and creating a safety culture in fleets.

Through this module, participants will be able to implement road traffic safety best practices and to develop their own policies and procedures that are critical for providing a safe workplace for fleet drivers.

The second module walks you through Risk and Hazard Management. It aims to help participants better manage vehicle use and road safety in their fleets through the risk assessment process.

Upon completion, students will be able to define the risk management process. They will also be able to identify common hazards, associated risks, and potential controls unique to their working environment.

Each module ends with a Knowledge Check which assesses your understanding of the information provided.

The total duration of the course is 75 minutes. It gives participants a total of 75 Professional Development Credits. To purchase the course, click here.