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Records have already tumbled with 770 tickets already purchased! We’re just a few days away from the 2024 Australasian Fleet Education and Leadership Summit set to take place at the Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney. Over two days, this premier event will bring together industry experts, professionals, and thought leaders to explore the latest trends, innovations, and strategies in the fleet and automotive industry.

As we countdown to the Summit, here’s a detailed look at what delegates can expect on each day:

Day 1: Tuesday 21st May 2024

The first day of the Summit will cover crucial topics and emerging trends in the fleet industry featuring plenaries and presentations by leading experts.

  • Keynote Session (Sponsored by Foton Mobility): Industry Insights

Dr. Steve Nuttall, Research Director at Fifth Quadrant will talk about the key developments in the fleet sector including strategic advancements, electric/hybrid vehicle transition, the role of FMOs, and the importance of customer experience. He will also discuss the industry’s sustainability shift and the need for global adaptation and efficiency improvements.

  • Technological Innovations

Sessions such as Intelligent Fleets: How AI is Shaping the Next Era of Fleet and Solutions Spotlight – Technology, Technology, Technology! will explore how artificial intelligence and new technologies transform fleet management, from predictive maintenance to vehicle performance enhancements.

Meanwhile, Energising the Future: Innovations in Battery Technology will focus on the latest advancements in EV batteries and their impact on fleets.

  • Fleet Electrification

Charging Ahead or Staying Grounded? Navigating Australia’s Fleet Electrification and The Current State: Exploring Electric Mobility Infrastructure will address the challenges and opportunities of transitioning to electric fleets. It will provide insights into infrastructure developments shaping electric mobility.

  • Vehicle Introductions

In Meet Some of Australia’s Newest Vehicles, attendees will have the chance to see the latest vehicle models being introduced to the Australian market focusing on performance, safety, and sustainability.

  • Professional Development

First Impressions Count: Mastering Your Elevator Pitch will help attendees enhance their communication skills for impactful first impressions. Meanwhile Future-Proofing Leadership: Strategies for Effective Succession Planning will offer strategies for developing future leaders and ensuring seamless leadership transitions within organisations.

  • Safety and Risk Management

Saving Lives on the Road: Exploring the Multifaceted Impact of AI Technology on Road Safety, Insurance Premiums, and Labour Dynamics will examine how AI technology is improving road safety, reducing insurance premiums, and affecting labour dynamics.

  • Data Management

Navigating OEM Data Agreements for Connected Vehicles and Humanising Data: The Stories Behind the Numbers will provide insights into managing data agreements and interpreting data to drive informed decision-making for fleets.

Day 2: Wednesday 22nd May 2024

The second day of the summit will delve deeper into fleet management practices, regulatory impacts, and leadership strategies.

  • Keynote Session (Sponsored by Manheim): Real-World Testing

The day will start with a keynote session from Jason Smith, Program Director at the Australian Automobile Association’s Real-World Testing Program. He will provide an overview of the Program’s results and explain how there’s no straightforward rule for translating lab-based data on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from carmakers into real-world performance.

  • Regulatory Impact and Compliance

Sessions such as The Impact of Australia’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standard (NVES) on the Fleet Industry, Emissions Reporting, and Navigating FBT for Electric and Low Emission Vehicles: Insights from KPMG and the Australian Taxation Office will discuss the implications of new regulations, best practices for emissions reporting, and expert advice on Fringe Benefits Tax for EVs and low-emission vehicles.

  • Safety and Risk Management

Beyond Compliance: Integrating Holistic Fatigue Management in Fleet Safety will cover a comprehensive approach to managing driver fatigue. Clearing the Haze: Addressing Drug Impairment in Fleet Management will focus on strategies to handle drug impairment in fleets. Additionally, Accident Insight: Fleet Management & Repair Simplified and Predictive Maintenance and Safety will offer practical advice on accident management and the benefits of predictive maintenance.

  • Environmental Sustainability

Sessions like What will be the future value of my EV?, Decarbonisation without EVs – What’s Possible?, and Success with Decarbonisation will explore various aspects of fleet decarbonisation, including the future value of electric vehicles and alternative strategies beyond electrification.

  • Technological Innovations

Navigating the Digital Shift: Enhancing Fleet Safety through Digitalisation will highlight how digital tools and technologies can improve fleet safety and efficiency.

  • Leadership and Professional Development

FACE YOUR POWER: How to Influence AND be Influenced through Expression! will help attendees enhance their communication and influence skills. Empowering Women in our Industry: Stories, Support, and Strategies for Success will share inspiring stories and strategies to support diversity and inclusion in the fleet industry.

Don’t Miss Out – Register Today!

The Australasian Fleet Education and Leadership Summit is an essential event for fleet and automotive industry professionals. With 2 immersive days featuring 70+ Exhibitors, 50+ Speakers, and 25+ Educational sessions, the Summit offers delegates valuable opportunities to stay ahead of trends, enhance their fleet operations, and connect with industry leaders and peers.

There’s just a few more spots remaining. So if you haven’t already, click here to register for the Summit or here to join the Industry Dinner & Awards Presentation.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit!