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Computer vision company Seeing Machines Limited and autonomous driving camera maker Magna have collaborated on a demonstrator that uses AI technology to improve driver safety.

According to reports, the demonstrator leverages the mirror technology, camera design, and integration that Magna is known for as well as Seeing Machines experience with optimized optical path, embedded processes, and enhanced AI vision algorithms.

This results in a piece of technology that not only manages vehicle electronics integration and costs but also creates a seamless camera packaging that can be used for a wide range of vehicle models.

“Building a solution that brings a fully integrated DMS into the rear-view mirror responds directly to the increasingly difficult packaging environment for carmakers with expanding infotainment and advanced driver assistance electronics complexity and ever larger cockpit displays,” said Seeing Machines CEO, Paul McGlone.

“Working with Magna, a mobility technology company and leading supplier in mirrors and vision systems to the auto market, has brought two leading technologies together and we are looking forward to progressing opportunities to deliver this innovation to the industry more broadly.” Mr. McGlone added.