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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that the inner urban work commute will look very different in this new era of social distancing.

Stylish, low cost and emission-free, Fonzarelli’s entry-level Arthur electric scooters might provide the ideal solution as we gradually head back into the office.

The Arthur 1, the cheapest of Fonzarelli’s three options, has a 60V powertrain, with a top speed of 50km/h is legal to ride on an unrestricted car driver’s licence in States where it is permitted, such as Queensland.

The Arthur 2 and 3 have a larger 75V powertrain, with the 3 having a larger battery pack and higher top speed. As standard, the Arthur 2 is limited to 65km/h, which can be maxed to 75km/h for an additional $300, while the standard Arthur 3 can reach a top speed of 80km/h, which can again be maxed at an additional cost also, but there is no top speed for that option listed.

Fonzarelli has now created a new financing model to help those keen to avoid public transport crowds, but not wanting the expenses of owning a car or adding additional emissions to the atmosphere.

Fonzarelli Founder, Michelle Nazzari, says the new financing model has been created post-COVID to allow people to commute in a way that meets all their needs without large upfront costs.

“During this crisis, we’ve become more aware of public safety and hygiene, weathered increased financial stress and also witnessed the world breathe a little easier as our roads quieten down.”

“So, we have set up a finance product to make socially distant, low emission transport more accessible. The upfront cost is the same as an outright purchase, and there’s no setup fees or interest. The ongoing instalments are similar to the costs of using public transport, or travelling for work,” she said.

If you’re commuting 100kms per week and you downsize from a standard size car to an electric scooter, Fonzarelli says that switch could save you around $1,500 in fuel costs. That doesn’t even factor in ultra-low maintenance and service costs, parking, and time saved from not being stuck in traffic.

Nazzari says in most states and territories a motorcycle licence is not needed for the entry level, moped model (50km/ph max speed), and brand-new Arthurs are available in stock.

“For those that do need to get their licence (NSW, VIC), they can still make the down payment now and could feasibly have their learner’s ticket to ride in a few weeks. It’s a small investment for significant returns across protecting your health, managing your finances and reducing emissions.”

Fonzarelli Arthur 3 Specifications

Source: BikeReview

Price: $6,990 + ORC
Warranty: 24-month / 10,000km
Colours: Royal Aubergine, Scarlet Red, Moon Blue, Black Matte, Racer Green
Claimed Power: 8kW
Top Speed: 80km/h
Range: 100km
Charge Time: Approx. 1hr – 80 per cent w/ fast charger / 6-8hrs with regular charger.
Weight: 98kg
Load Capacity: 150kg
Seat Height: 79cm
Suspension: Non-adjustable telescopic forks (f), twin shocks (r)
Brakes: Hydraulic disc (f), hydraulic disc (r), combined braking system, electric braking system, regenerative braking.
Wheels/Tyres: 12 inch wheels, Yuanxing 110/70 x 12 (f), Yuanxing 110/70 x 12 (r)
Features: LCD dash, LED headlamp, Carbon Structural Frame, Quick storage compartments, USB socket